A commercial real estate private equity and asset management firm that buys, sells and manages
multi-family, office and retail in California and Texas since 1991.


Since 2015, Bryan remains actively involved with the firm's key activities and future commercial property initiatives related to research, sourcing, acquisition, disposition, property management, refinancing and negotiation of contracts and leases for retail, office and multi-family properties in CA.  

Prior to joining PAAM, Bryan is an award winning professional having amassed diverse 20+ professional industry experience from 4 Fortune 500 firms to mid-sized to start up in private, public, and government sectors upholding leadership, management, Business Strategy, Consulting, Advisory positions with diverse industries in Management Consulting, Investment Banking Advisory, Healthcare, Technology, E-commerce and International Business cross border transactions and was among the top 1% of the 1% highly requested among 15,000 executive business advisors nationwide under the US government.  He’s was humbled to be a two-time recipient of an employee nominated prestigious annual “Professional Excellence Award” for a Fortune 500 Professional Services Firm (Global top 4), the first time in the company’s 89 year history.

Bryan received his Bachelor's degree at UCLA with a Business Administration specialization.

To further challenge his professional endeavors, Bryan established and spearheaded a consortium of 5 firms from 3 countries with national infrastructure projects in emerging countries for Oil, Renewable Energy, Telecommunications & Security related infrastructure development and investment programs totaling ~$4-4.2B (USD).   

Bryan Kim