A commercial real estate private equity and asset management firm that buys, sells and manages
multi-family, office and retail in California and Texas since 1991.


Since the inception of Pacific Allied Asset Management in 1991, PAAM has successfully managed over $500 million in real estate assets, including more than 2,000 apartment units and more than 1 million square feet of commercial space. With diversified assets, ranging from Class A apartment complexes to retail, office, hospitality and entertainment properties, PAAM has provided highest quality management services for all types of real estate portfolios by developing and managing customized programs that are tailored for each type of assets.

Once a target project is selected, PAAM performs comprehensive physical, facility, and environmental inspections and thoroughly review and analyze financials to determine the present value and income capabilities as well as potential for future growth and appreciation. PAAM obtained competitive advantage in financial analysis such as financial management rate of return (FMRR), internal rate of return (IRR), cash flow projections, net present value (NPV) and etc.

In addition, with well qualified team of real estate lawyers, CPAs, and brokers, PAAM manages all acquisition activities, including comprehensive physical and legal due diligence, negotiation of purchase agreements, and funding and/or financing alternative analysis, to finalize the transaction.

Over the years, we have successfully acquired all types of properties, including shopping centers, multi-housing complexes, office buildings, hospitality and sports facilities, all of which had great return for our investment partners.