A commercial real estate private equity and asset management firm that buys, sells and manages multi-family, office and retail in California and Texas since 1991.
A Trusted Private Equity Management Firm Investing in Multifamily, Office & Retail


Since the inception of Pacific Allied Asset Management in 1991, PAAM has successfully managed over $500 million in real estate assets, including more than 2,000 apartment units and more than 1 million square feet of commercial space. With diversified assets, ranging from Class A apartment complexes to retail, office, hospitality and entertainment properties, PAAM has provided highest quality management services for all types of real estate portfolios by developing and managing customized programs that are tailored for each type of assets.

Pacific Allied Asset Management’s multifamily residential and commercial development services offer comprehensive planning and professional guidance to manage a development project from the conception to completion. And, with extensive network of lending institutions, trusted contractors, respected architects, experienced engineers, and management professionals, PAAM is positioned to manage all types of development projects, successfully achieving the result that our investment partners desires. And, through our ongoing research and analysis of the current market and economic trends, we identify and execute on development opportunities that have the greatest potential return.

In addition, with PAAM’s expertise in real estate management, finance, and brokerage, we are able to take real estate projects from the conceptual acquisition stage through to successful management and cash flow enhancement to eventual sale: making PAAM one source for all your development, management, and brokerage needs.